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S10 style Load Genie Check Valves S10 Style

Check Valves

Product Details
S10 Style - S10 style Load Genie Check Valves
Model: S10 Style

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The Load Genie senses air flow when the compressor is running and closes an unloading orifice port. When airflow stops (such as when the pressure switch turns off the motor), the Load Genie opens the unloading orifice to release head pressure, and the built-in check valve keeps receiver air from leaking back into the discharge line and compressor head.

Where is my Check Valve located?

Extra Details

This was a new check valve installed less than a year ago. Due to the tanks not being drained, this check valve failed after less than a year.


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Reference Item Please Note! Price Product Image Select Qty Status
00000v LoadGenie Check Vlv 0.25NPTx38Compression CA6-0ACheck Valve 3/8" compression by 1/4" MPT$33.33S1036 - v LoadGenie Check Vlv 0.25NPTx38Compression CA6-0A-
00000v LoadGenieCheckVlv 38NPTX0.5Compression CA12-0ACheck Valve 1/2" compression by 3/8" MPT$37.19S1058 - v LoadGenieCheckVlv 38NPTX0.5Compression CA12-0A-

Displaying 2 products

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