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Brand: Rol-Air

Model/Part Number: K50, K50HU Pump

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Product Specifications:

Whole pump or parts.

Torque specs:
Connecting Rods:217 in lbs. (oil holes facing in)
Roller Bearing carriers:165 in lbs.
Cylinder Bolts:521 in lbs.
Head bolts:694 in lbs. (in X pattern)

For regulators, pressure switches, pressure gauges, drain cocks and accessories, see "Air Compressor Accessories".

Rol-Air Parts
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Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image Select Qty Status
Oil Breather Crankcase breather with o-ring.36500300CH36507050CH$18.21Oil Breather-
"Bolt,"Bolt, ConnectorMetric Bolt for intercooler connector (two used).37307570CH$2.12-
"Head,"Head, BareOrder head gasket when replacing.31304090CH$299.20-
00000AftercoolerAftercooler. Replaces older gasket style aftercooler, so order necessary o-ring as well.3290417ACH$132.11-
00000Ball BearingBearing for crankcase, two used.30303720CH$41.30-
00000Bearing ShellBearing Shell for conrod (each, two used).31103860CH$48.13-
00000Connecting Rod AssemblyConrod Assy. w/ upper bushing (two used).31103690CH$176.24Connecting Rod Assembly-
00000ConnectorConnector 1-2 for intercoolers.36904200CH$129.59-
00000CrankshaftCrankshaft for K50 pump. Replace if warped or scarred.30203710CH$488.75-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00000Filter ElementFilter element (cartridge) only. Replace every time you change your oil, and more often for higher particle environments.35602380CH$16.44Filter Element-
00000FlywheelFlywheel for K50/100 pump.31004050CH$414.80-
00000Gasket SetComplete Gasket Set for K50 pump.K50Gaskets$100.20Gasket Set-
00000K50 Conversion KitConversion kit for K50 pump (head unloaders).K50HUCONV(X)SOL
No Info
00000Oil PlugOil Plug for crankcase. Order gasket separately.36503650CH$5.77-
00000Oil Sight GuageSight glass to check oil level. Always keep level above 1/2 way point.36504450CH$18.21-
00000Ring SetRing Set for both pistons. Hone cylinders before installation, and stagger rings to prevent oil blow-by.K50RINGS$138.66-
00000Valve Kit with Related GasketsK50 Valve Kit Includes 4 valves, head gasket, valve plate gasket & cylinder gasket.K50ValveKit$111.39-
00000Valveplate AssemblyAssembly includes both valveplate w/ valves and gaskets (includes inner VP gasket).5000VK50$314.50-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00001K50 PumpFor 7.5 - 10 HP units. 16.01cfm @ 175psi w/ a 7.5 HP motor 23.63cfm @ 175psi w/ a 10 HP motor. Run at 800 rpm's w/ 7.5 HP and 1100 rpm's w/ 10 HP motor. Comes w/ flywheel, intercooler and aftercooler.PMP22K50CH$1,610.75K50 Pump-
00001K50hu PumpSame pump as above except comes w/ head unloaders for constant run applications.PMP22K50CHHU$1,584.00K50hu Pump-
GaskeGasket, ConnectorOrder when replacing connector. Two used.30504210CH$12.66-
GaskeGasket, Intercooler & AftercoolerGasket for aftercooler and right and left intercoolers. Total of three used.30504190CH$9.54-
GaskeGasket, Oil Sight GuageGasket for Oil Sight Glass.30504440CH$7.24-
GaskeOil Breather Gasket3/8" gasket for oil breather.3050016ACH$4.88Oil Breather Gasket-
InterIntercooler, Left-side32904150CH - Old part number3290415ACH$113.41-
InterIntercooler, Right-side32904160CH - Old part number3290416ACH$119.48-
O-rinO-ring, IntercoolerO-Ring, bottom of intercooler (two required).30502400CH$6.95-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
PistoPiston Pin, High-pressureReplace when installing new high-pressure piston.31203920CH$22.58-
PistoPiston Pin, Low-pressurePiston Pin for low-pressure piston (larger). Replace when installing new piston.31203910CH$40.24-
PistoPiston, High-pressureCast-Iron, High-Pressure Piston.31204520CH$120.49-
PistoPiston, Low-pressureLow-Pressure (larger) Piston.31203940CH$148.21-
ValveValve, High-pressureHigh-Pressure Reed Valve (each, two used). Order VP gaskets as well when installing new valves.32702400CH$6.95-
ValveValve, Low-pressureLow-Pressure Reed Valve (each, two used).32704060CH$18.70-

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