Rol-Air Regulator, 1/4" REG0250M

Rol-Air Direct Drive Pump Parts Rol-Air GD4000PV5H, GD4500PV5R Regulator

Regulator, 1/4"

Brand: Rol-Air

Model/Part Number: REG0250M

This item fits the following models:

Rolair Parts - D075HPV5, D075HPV5LP, D1500HPV5, D1500HPV5LP, OD1500HPV
Coleman Powermate Parts - P0200310,VP0200310, C20C025P1D101, C10C025P1D101
Coleman Powermate Parts - C17C040S1D101, C17C04051D101,S0170410, CS0170410
Sanborn Parts - 124, 125 B125
Coleman Powermate Parts - CP0100810, 0200810, 0250810, 0251110, 301110, 0351110,
Coleman Powermate Parts - CP0400810, CP0402010, CP0402510, C10C075P1D101, VP04020
Coleman Powermate Parts - C15C040N1D101, CN0150410, N0150410
Powermate Parts - CT4090410
Coleman Powermate Sanborn Parts - CL0404410, 0504410, 0506010
Coleman Powermate Parts - C25C075P1D101, C35C110P1D101, C40C075P1D101, C40C110P1D
Coleman Powermate Parts - L0404410, L0504410,CL0504410
Emglo Parts - AM83HGHC4V AM84HGHC4V
Coleman Powermate Sanborn Parts - 165B400, 165B500, 165BL500, 165BC500, B165B500-25,M165B
Coleman Powermate Sanborn Parts - CT0200813, T0200813
Emglo Parts - AM40HC4V, AM79HC4V
Regulator parts for L063112 Series & Others - L0631112
Coleman Powermate Parts - HC125
Coleman Powermate Parts - HC125A
Coleman Powermate Parts - K0170410
Regulators for LA0631112, LA0501512, LA0602112, LA0602712 & more
Regulator parts for N0200412 Series & Others
Rol-Air Parts - GD4000PV5H, GD4500PV5R
Rolair Parts - D075LS3, D075HS3, D1500HS3
Rolair Parts - D075HSS4, D075LSS4, OD1500LSS4, D1500HSS4, D2000HSS4
Coleman Powermate Parts - 04DL200, 04D200, B04D200, M04D200
Sanborn Parts - 01DL75, 02DL100, M75A
Powermate Parts - CTA5090412, CT5090412
Porter Cable Parts - CPL55GH8W A
Bostitch Parts - CAP2040P-OF
Bostitch Parts - CAP2560OL
Portable Oil-Free Electric Air Compressor Parts - CAP60P-OF, OL195 Pump
Kobalt Parts - 215921, KLA1683066
Coleman Powermate Parts - VPP0000201
Coleman Powermate Parts - P0200608
Sanborn Parts - CL0502713, L0602713
Coleman Powermate Parts - CP0400810, 0402510, 0452510, 0502010, 0404410, 0502710
Coleman Powermate Sanborn Parts - VP0200607
Rolair Parts - OD1500HMSS4
Rolair Parts - D075HP5, D075LP5, D1500HP5, OD1500HP5
Sanborn Parts - 54D100-4
Coleman Powermate Parts - VPP0200604, VP0200604
Coleman Powermate Parts - VL1181504
Emglo Airmate Parts - AM700 Parts
Bostitch Parts - CWH100WT, CWH200WT
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - VT627000, VT622701, VT629100
Rolair Parts - D2002HPV5 Parts
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - WL660800, WL660900, WL660500, WL660501
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - VS500602, VS500102, VS503100, VS623102
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - VT617205AJ, VT613106, VT615208
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - HX500000, HX500100
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - FP220500, FP220600, FP220001, FP220700
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - HL550200, HL550700
Import Regulators - Import style
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - WL506203, WL506204
Sears Craftsman - 919.167630
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - WL651100, WL651100RB, WL650800, WL650900
Husky Parts - VT6315, VT631502AJ
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - WL650000AJ, WL650100, WL604010, WL650200, WL650300, WL6
Sears Craftsman - 919.195410, 919.195412
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - WL611700AJ, WL611800AJ
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - WL611701
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - HL550100, HL550195, HL550600
Sears Craftsman - 919.167240, 919.167242
Portable Oil-Free Direct-Drive Air Compressor Parts - 919.165500
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - WL611106AJ
Sears Craftsman - 919.167342
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - WL611105AJ
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - VT500188AJ, VT627700, VT612902AJ
Sears Craftsman - 919.167312
Sears Craftsman - 919.165600 Parts
Sears Craftsman - 919.152930
Sears Craftsman - 919.165000
Sears Craftsman - 919.152921
Husky Parts - H1506FWH, H1506F - Type 2
Sears Craftsman - 919.165250
DeVilbiss Parts - IRF5020
Sears Craftsman - 919.152940
Campbell Hausfeld Parts - WL651003AJ, WL651003, WL651400, WL651400AJ
Sears Craftsman - 919.165310 Parts
Sears Craftsman - 919.165020, 919.165030, 919.165120
Sears Craftsman - 919.165300
Sears Craftsman - 919.725250
Sears Craftsman - 919.165050
DeVilbiss Parts - IRFB5021-WK - Type 0
Hitachi Parts - EC89
Sears Craftsman - 919.152912
Westward Parts - 3JR71 - Type 0
Sears Craftsman - 919.165330
DeVilbiss, Porter Cable Parts - IRF420-1
Sears Craftsman - 919.162120
DeVilbiss Parts - IRFB412-1, FB412-1
Porter Cable Parts - CPF23400S-1
MAC TOOLS Jesse James Compressor Parts - JJ5015VP
Sears Craftsman - 919.167210
Sears Craftsman - 919.167141

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Universal Regulator: 4-port, two 1/4" FPT ports and two 1/8" FPT ports (gauges sold separately).

NOTE: If replacing this on older Craftsman "919" model air compressors in which TWO gauges are installed on the Regulator, ONLY ONE OF THE AIR PRESSURE GAUGES WILL WORK WITH THIS REGULATOR; modification may be required. 300 lbs max. inlet pressure 0-125 psi regulated pressure


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