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Piston/Cylinder Assy $29.99

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OL295PistonCylinderK - Piston/Cylinder Assy

Found under the following brands: Master Tool Repair

* NOTE Available for purchase 06/30/2021 WATCH VIDEO PRIOR TO INSTALLATION

This kit contains the following components:


Everything you need to restore compression to your pump! Kit includes the Piston/Connecting Rod, Cylinder Barrel, Piston Cap, Cap Screw & Piston Seal (Compression Ring).

Click here on how to install this type of kit properly. ‚Äč

Restore compression with this piston assembly kit. Low compression is usually caused by a damaged compression ring and/or a worn cylinder sleeve. If you can see light in between the outer edge of the compression ring and the cylinder sleeve, replace the components, or if the compression ring is torn, folded or damaged along the outer edge.

* NOTE Available for purchase 06/30/2021
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* NOTE Available for purchase 06/30/2021


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Air Compressor Pump Parts - OL295

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