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Brand: Kobalt

Model/Part Number: TQ3126

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Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image Select Qty Status
Beltguard Front HsfBG021600AVBG307700SJ$89.75Beltguard Front Hsf-
00002Drain CockST127700AV$7.90Drain Cock-
00003New PumpPump, belt and conversion kit to replace old pump.TQ3010$378.13New Pump-
00004Hex Head Bolt(X)SOL
No Info
No Info
00006Hex Head Bolt(X)SOL
No Info
No Info
00008MotorMC019300AV, MC024799SJMC035799SJ$304.66-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00011Belt V-BELT A56 58"BT013100AVBT013101AV$8.11Belt-
00012Pipe Nipple 1/4" MPT x 1 1/2" hex pipe nipple; steel. Use this to convert female threads to male threads.AB-90503731/4XHEXNIPPLE ST$3.00Pipe Nipple-
00013Pressure GaugeNote - Order this item for models XP581001, XP581502, EX840301, CE600000AJ, 4ME98A only.GA031900AV$7.46Pressure Gauge-
00014Safety Valve If your valve leaks below the pressure listed on the side of the valve, replace this vital safety feature.V-215109AV$13.66Safety Valve-
00015Motor CordNote: order this item for model HS516000 & HS518000.EC014800AV$24.58-
00016Unloader Tube (Teflon)Length = 1 Ft.ST117802AV$19.52Unloader Tube (Teflon)-
00017Tube FttgQR$6.95Tube Fttg-
00018Check Valve Large PortCV223300AV$12.54Check Valve Large Port-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00019Comp Sleeve 1/2 TubeST032900AV$3.17Comp Sleeve 1/2 Tube-
00020Compression NutST033001AV$3.49Compression Nut-
00021Discharge TubeTQ901600AP$24.36Discharge Tube-
00023Nut 10-24 Hex FlangeST116201AV$1.52Nut 10-24 Hex Flange-
00024Washer, PlainST011200AV$1.52Washer, Plain-
00025Scr Self4 used - Use for VT6103 & VT6106ST016500AV$1.52Scr Self-
00026Beltguard Back HSF/QUAD (BG021700AV) Beltguard Back HSF/QUAD (BG021700AV)BG021701AVBeltguard Back HSF/QUAD (BG021700AV)(X)SOL
No Info
00027120/155 PSI Pressure Switch 120-155 PSI with Unloader Valve and On/Off Switch. If your valve is leaking on the side of the switch, do not order this part. Order check valve instead.CW218800AV$25.96120/155 PSI Pressure Switch-
00028Unloader Valve, 90-degreeCW210001AV$25.31Unloader Valve, 90-degree-
Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image
00029Pressure Switch Cover Condor Switch covers w/knob. Click here to view partCW217800AVPressure Switch Cover-
00030Flywheel Fastener KitTQ901400AV(X)SOL
No Info
00031Start CapMC507018AV$73.77-
00032Run CapMC506910AV(X)SOL
No Info
00033Easy Drain AssemblyD-140501AV$18.69Easy Drain Assembly-
00034Warning Decal TankNot shown.DK747600AVWarning Decal Tank(X)SOL
No Info

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