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Discharge Tube $37.25

BelAire Two Stage Parts (175psi)

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1312100211 - Discharge Tube

Found under the following brands: Chicago Pneumatic, US General, Belaire, Kobalt, NAPA, IMC-ATLAS COPCO

Note: order this item for models US1230G & 91824.

The main line that carries compressed air from the pump head to the air tank, the discharge (or “transfer”) tube is typically made of copper, aluminum or stainless steel braided material. Be sure all compression fittings and threads have tight seals and don’t leak, and replace if kinked or cracked. 

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This item fits the following models:

Air Compressor Parts - 3G3HK, 3G3HKL
Air Compressor Parts - 3312D
BelAire Duplex Air Compressor - 3112D
BelAire Duplex Air Compressor - 3312D4
BelAire Duplex Air Compressor - 3112DL
BelAire Duplex Air Compressor - 3312DL
BelAire Duplex Air Compressor - 3312DL4
BelAire Duplex Air Compressor - 3120DL
BelAire Duplex Air Compressor - 3320DL
BelAire Duplex Air Compressor - 3320DL4
Two Stage Gas Air Compressor Repair Parts - 821330GTK

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