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Air Compressor Parts EC510

Hitachi Air Compressor Parts Hand Carry

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EC510 - Air Compressor Parts

Found under the following brands: Hitachi
Model: EC510

Air Compressor Parts


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Repair Parts For Hitachi S-WFT-16022-E, SWFT16022E Air Compressor
EC510 - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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EC510 - Air Compressor Parts schematic
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Reference Item Please Note! Price Product Image Select Qty Status
00003105-135 PSI Generic WuxiHX-Style Pressure Switch

Order if over-pressurizing. If leaking through bottom line, order (105). If your pressure switch is leaking out of the small bleeder valve (after the

... [+]
AB-9063096 - 105-135 PSI Generic WuxiHX-Style Pressure Switch-
00003Pressure SwitchOEM switch. If your valve is leaking on the side of the switch, do not order this part. Order check valve instead.$84.14887-515 - Pressure Switch-
00005Safety Valve 1/4If your valve leaks below the pressure listed on the side of the valve, replace this vital safety feature.$19.22-
00006Pressure GaugeReplace if misreading or broken. Click here to find a generic pressure gauge for your unit....... [+]$20.33-
00007Pressure Gauge1/8" NPT thread pressure gauge. (verify before ordering)$12.32881-508 - Pressure Gauge-
00008Manifold (887499)Replace if cracked or broken.$99.63887-499 - Manifold (887499)-
00012Foot (887505)$30.52-
00013TankReplace if leaking or damaged to prevent rupture.$256.94-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00014DRAIN COCK BALL VALVE1/4" MPT Ball Style Drain Cock. Keep your tank from rusting. Replace this if leaking or will not work.
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00016Lower Spacer (887509)$6.01-
00017Upper Spacer (887507)$5.35-
00018Upper Cover (877508) Spacer$4.90-
00019Pump (887497)$309.63-
00022Infeed Hose (887514)$22.62-
00024Conveyor (887512)$13.31-
00025Oil Drain Screw (887350)$7.44-
00025CNut Selflocking Ec16 Ec6c Ec79$5.09-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00026Cover Support (887511)$17.06-
00029Exagonal Support (887513)$6.15-
00030Rear Cover (887501)$71.64-
Handle Assy.887-502 & 887-503 have been replaced by 887-962, which includes both Upper & Lower Handles.$32.72-
00035Screw (887495)$4.90-
00036Front Cover (887500)$64.26-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
00037Pressure Switch, Motor Cable (887506)$28.80-
00038Power CordOrder if frayed or missing ground blade.$0.00(X)NLA
No Info
00039Lower Motor Spacer (887504)$13.10-
P00001Conveyor (887498)$11.42-
P00002Motor Set (887523)F3001 MOTOR SET 120V/60HZ$345.58887-523 - Motor Set (887523)-
P00003O-ring, Valve Plate (887524)$5.89-
P00004Valve Plate Component (887525)$26.59887-525 - Valve Plate Component (887525)-
P00005Gasket (887526)$5.89-
Reference Item Please Note!Price Product Image
P00006Head (887527)Bare head for pump.$22.01-
P00008Screw (887529)5 PK.$5.89-
P00009Cylinder (887530)Bare cylinder for pump.$10.92887-530 - Cylinder (887530)-
P00011Ring Support (887532)$5.89-
P00012Piston Ring (887533)$12.21887-533 - Piston Ring (887533)-
P00013Connecting Rod (887534)Replace this if broken or frozen to crankshaft. If frozen to crank, remove, then polish crank and install new rod.$17.57-
P00014Piston Kit (887535)Piston, connect rod kit.$58.10887-535 - Piston Kit (887535)-
P00015Screw3 PK.$22.34-

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