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Kellogg Air Compressor Parts



Kellogg pumps have been around for a long time. Over the years, many of these pumps have been made by other companies. We stock the most popular parts for these units.

Kellogg air compressor parts and helpful repair tips to keep your unit up and running. It’s easy to repair with our handy kits.

Kellogg air compressor parts

Tips for replacing valves

Check valve replacement

Piston cylinder kit tips

How to troubleshoot your unit

Popular parts for this unit


Just Arrived!

Don't forget the Teflon tape for the threads of your air lines!

Teflon Tape (Thread Seal Tape)

Teflon Tape (Thread Seal Tape)


Quickest way to drain your tank!

1/4" Ball Valve Drain Cock

1/4" Ball Valve Drain Cock

$8.64 $6.95