Check Valves - Shorty Style CTRD style

Check Valves - Shorty Style, Air Compressor Parts

Check Valves - Shorty Style

Model/Part Number: CTRD style

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Shorty check valves for small air compressors 3 HP and under. Has compression fitting on top and 1/2" MPT for tank.


This was a new check valve installed less than a year ago. Due to the tanks not being drained, this check valve failed after less than a year.



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Reference Item Important Info! Old Part # Part or Model Price Image Select Qty Status
00000Check ValveReplacement check valve (no ball & spring) for 3/8" size tube. Replace if unit struggles to re-start or air leaks constantly around pressure switch. CTRD3812-PLUG$19.95Check Valve-
00000Check Valve 1/2" Comp X 1/2" Mpt Has two 1/8" FPT holes on side for optional unloader line. Includes plugs if not needed.CTRD1212-2PLUGS$19.95Check Valve 1/2" Comp X 1/2" Mpt-
00000Connect, Male Adapter (068-0002)68-4-2$3.86Connect, Male Adapter (068-0002)-

Displaying 3 products

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